Daily Life: ♪★Happy Merry Christmas★♪

Merry Christmas!!!11

It's not like Christmas back home, but I'm still in a great mood. Which is always nice :)

Today, it being Christmas and all as well as a Sunday, Shota and I went out to Namba for a little Christmas shopping. In the end, I wasn't able to convince him to get a Christmas present, but we ate a lot and just had a good time together.

This photo was taken at the Big Step in Ameica-mura. I've yet to actually explore the entire Big Step shopping centre, but I'd like to check out the KERA shop sometime..!

 Earlier this week (or maybe a couple days ago, I'm losing all sense of time again), I got this freebie pack in the mail. I filled out an online survey for this magazine called KATY, and they sent me this as a present. Some Marie Claire make-up, which I don't recall ever seeing before (I'm only aware of the magazine). The eye liner, pencil and liquid, and eyebrow pencil are all in brown, so I probably won't use them that often, but I like the eyeshadow palette. The pink and white brow highlight are my faves~ :)

On Christmas Eve, we decided to do the Christmas dinner thing. I totally reneged on not getting fried chicken (me trying to go against the tide :P), but it was so cheap at AEON, I couldn't resist. I do love a good fried chicken. We also had french fries, sushi and miso soup. What an eclectic meal..! ;D

And to save a little money, we bought small cakes instead of a one huge Christmas cake, like we did last year. I much prefer these little cakes and when you put about four together, they equal the size of a small Christmas cake, but for about half the price. YEA! :D

And yea, I had to pick up the Disney cakes. The Disney compels me *zombie face* e_E

Christmas Day outfit!!

I was trying to channel my inner abominable snowman. ;)

But seriously, those leg warmers helped a TON because the wind was kicking everyone's butt today. Completely relentless.

I also broke out my Betsy bag. It's been quite a minute but I do wish I owned a couple more Betsy Johnson bags..

Our first stop for today was Namba City for my Christmas present..! Last year, I didn't pay much attention to Namba City, but the basement floor is probably one of my favorite secret places to shop in Osaka now. There's a World Wide Lovers shop PLUS a shop that sells Vivienne Westwood and J.P. Gaultier clothes and bags :O Though that stuff is out of my price range, I love just looking at it and thinking about owning some..! :P

I do want to buy more World Wide Love and Super Lovers stuff though..!! I love how WWL goes from really crazy designs to more mainstream stuff. Gives one lots of options :] And since there's no more JSG in Osaka.. ;o;

My Christmas present!! Some Dr. Martens..! :) I needed a sturdy winter boot since that last pair I bought were kind of cheap and didn't fit well.

There's another style similar to this pair that I'm on the look out for because, quite frankly, you can never have enough Dr. Martens.

Classic ;)

After Namba City, we walked down Midosuji street to Shinsaibashi OPA. It wasn't as crowded as Namba City (though NC had a free live, so that might be why), but I suppose boyfriends don't really want to be cooped up inside OPA all day on Christmas day either.

UNLESS, they're going to the dessert buffet, like we did..!! This is my favorite dessert buffet in all of Osaka (so far). It's cheap and they have a large variety of desserts plus a chocolate fountain and you can make your own crepes. They also have some light food like spaghetti and pizza. The drink bar is included and it's only about 1400 yen for 90 minutes. We're usually full within the first 45 minutes, which gives us enough time to digest and then eat a little more. We're lucky we walk so much otherwise we'd be sumo-size :X..

Lovely view of Osaka from the dessert buffet windows. It wasn't until I looked out of these windows that I realized Osaka is surrounded by these huge mountains. Of course I knew Osaka was, but I hadn't realized it. Or ever really seen them from the city before. It was a nice realization :)

After OPA, we wandered back down through America-mura, to check out some of the small street style shops. I love the strange t-shirts they carry like a African American Minnie and Mickey Mouse. I'm gonna try to pick that up the next time I go. :)

We also stopped by a sports shop in Big Step, where I took a photo of these Santa. He's standing outside of a used clothing shop.

We then started our walk back towards Namba so we could watch the lights displayed in Namba Parks. But on the way, I saw this small shrine.

It was so modern looking, we almost thought it wasn't real. It's got security cameras and everything D: I guess someone was trying to walk away with some donations. Shame man...

Unfortunately, the Christmas lights-thing was a bust. The wind was almost literally tossing everyone around the outdoor courtyard, so we gave up and went inside. And took purikura..!! :D I think this another machine that makes you look taller than you are. It also shrunk my nose..!! I like my nose...

After Namba Parks, we decided to call it a night. And since we got home so early, I was able to blog..!! Way to go productivity ;D

Here's my little haul. The Martens were the Christmas present, while the W♥C purchase was completely out of necessity since I was in need of a good winter coat. Totally out of necessity.


Aforementioned necessary coat :] I love the big furry hood. I almost went with the Super Lovers coat, but it was covered in leopard print and I thought I should just step away from the leopard print a little. I've got quite enough Lol Though I still want it a little..

And that was my Christmas..! I still have another mini cake, so I'll probably munch on that, then get ready for work tomorrow. But only two more days! 2!!! I'm excited to just have time to mess around without having to worry about work. Plus, lots of clubbing will be done :D Yuuussss.

How did everyone's Christmas go!? I can't wait to read other Christmas blogs. It's like reliving Christmas over and over again ;D

And Christmas music, couldn't possibly forget ;P


Daily Life + Indoor Ice Skating in Namba: ♫ Don't Upset the Rhythm ♪

Is that a scary sky or what!? I saw that on my way to work last Friday, and was quite worried that a typhoon has just shown up as some sort of sick surprise Christmas present. Ohh mother nature~~

The way the sun hit the clouds was quite lovely though, so it wasn't all bad :)

And before that crazy cloud formation, I had this show up..! Well, it was in a box, in pieces, when it showed up. But I put on my big girl boots and put this bad boy together..! All alone!! It only took 2 and a half hours :P

Sleeping on this is no replacement for a real bed, but TONS better than sleeping on the floor. Could not do another year of that~

Uggghhh... I don't remember exactly when I took this photo. That's the huge problem with taking photos on my phone. I soon forget about the ones I'd like to share...

Ah well, I might reuse this later on a post about Bike Etiquette in Osaka ;)

This past Sunday, we finally met up with Yuta..!! That last time we'd hung out was for Hanshin's last baseball game back in October. Hisashiburi-indeed! But everyone was in great spirits and the weather was great. Good day for hanging out.

This was taken while we were walking down Midosuji toward a Mexican restaurant called El Pancho. Unfortunately for us, it was packed with patrons..!! :<

I really wanted a chimichanga too....

So we made a U-turn back toward Namba. We still hadn't decided on what to eat, but Yuta kept declaring loudly that we needed to go out to eat more often so that things like this wouldn't happen.

Actually Yuta and Shota are in this photo. Hur hur hur~

JAWS! What an awesome theme for a bar..! :D I took this photo so I could remind myself to visit later on~

Osaka Muse looks intriguing as well.. Hmm.. this may not be good for my wallet DD: a.k.a. drinking is expensive in a bar..

We walked a little further, and we found this shop..! It's a jewelry shop, but the whole exterior is fashioned after some sort of medieval European building? At first, I thought it was a medieval-themed restaurant (which the ASoIaF/GoT fan in me would have died for), but seeing as it was just jewelry, we kept on keeping on.

I will probably go back later though..

I stopped mid-conversation for this. The building?? Oh no no no, the host club sign..! Usually, I don't care much for host club signage, but THIS club is called (Kemuri)Ikemen Paradise. Which is the name my friend's and I gave the host club at AnimeUSA when we started it :) (minus the kemuri part). Brought back lots of memories of hanging out with friends back home~

I wonder if there are any ikemen there tho~ I'm sure Shota won't let me find out. Awwwwww.

This was taken somewhere in between the Sennichimae street and Ebisubashi street. There are a bazillion little side streets running between those two major streets, and I often forget that that's where the coolest photo ops are.

I think this restaurant specializes in kushi-katsu..?? I don't know, I stopped listening to what Yuta and Shota were saying to take a nice photo. :]

 Another tiny street that will take you from Sennichimae to Ebisubashi. Take care though, because bikes are usually racing through here (not literally of course).

A French cafè in Namba. Like there aren't a bazillion of those..! Well.. there might not be.. I've seen a lot of English ones.. hmm..

Anyway, our French buddies Ludovic and Julius said the French used in there is all wrong. I guess it's the French equivalent of Engrish? Soo.. Furansu..Francoinese...Furansois..? I don't know, I'm no good at these things. And I've never taken a French course in my life, so I guess that doesn't help.

I did take 2 years of Spanish though, so I'm a pro at Spanish restaurants.. Muy bien~

About an hour or so later, we made it to the ice rink..! Our main event..! It's an indoor one, so there's nothing really seasonal or Christmas-y about it. But it was pretty busy anyway.

The only downside really is the price. The entrance fee is 1400 yen and the skate renting fee is 400 yen, so that's 1800 yen (about 20 bucks), blown on just ice skating. It's been a while since I've skated, but I don't recall it being that expensive... DD:

The coolest kids at the rink. I did see a couple other foreigners, but didn't talk to them :,<

It was Yuta's first time skating, but he said it was a lot of fun. Even with falling 5 or so times. I'm sure I fell more my first time though.

Shota said it wasn't his first time buuuut.. he was still wall-hugging Lol

Looking at this photo, you'd think Yuta was a pro ;)

If you'd like to check out this rink, the website is here.
It's called Naniwa Ice Skate-ba(place). It's located behind the Hankyu Namba station, past and one street or so behind the McDonalds across from the Namba Parks entrance. Here's a google map in case that made no sense ;)

That was a lot of fun, but I don't think I'm doing anything fun this week. HOWEVER, this is my last sort-of full week of work. From next week, I'm on vacation, so hopefully exciting things will ensue.

Also, I'm trying to start a vlog because I obviously have too much free time and have some hidden desire to see my face on the youtubes :P Mostly though, it's for talking about topics I don't want to type about. I'm also thinking about doing something about kansai-ben on there since I haven't done a written update in a while. It's only because I've run out of easy things to teach D; So sorry~

OH! Almost (well, I did) forgot..! Purikura! I didn't take a photo of my outfit that day because Yuta was hanging with us, but I did get a nice shot from a purikura machine :)
I love that batman skirt..!♥

Have a great everything..! :)

Couldn't forget the muzaks. From another one of my fashion inspirations:


Web: ♫We like to Party♪

When the risen sun sets, the daytime, sightseeing filled Japan we know transforms into an electric playland sights and sounds. Some good, some bad, and some really ugly. But overall, somewhat tough to navigate.

I don't know about anyone else, but I've had quite a time finding a suitable place for a little night time fun. I've done overnight karaoke too many times to count, and most of the game centers are shut down by 2am. That still lives me 3 or 4 more hours before daylight, signaling the ruling populous that it's safe to come out.

Last year, I spent most of my holiday in some drunken dance spree with my cousin, sometimes with Shota (he's not much of a dancer D:), but we always ended up at the same club, Club Pure, located in Shinsaibashi (right next to Ebisubashi, off of Souemoncho), because of the all-you-can-drink discounted price for ladies. The music was decent, and the crowd wasn't bad. But recently, it started to suck. The last straw was the night when my friend had an entire drink spilled down her back. What the hell happened to club etiquette?? I actually spent an entire night just wandering between Namba and Shinsaibashi looking for a better place because I refused to put anymore money into that place.

And you would think finding clubs would be easy to find right?! No, no it's not D:. Even with flyers from a nearby restaurant, we only ever ended up in one club (Club Life) which had the tiniest crowd I've ever seen at any place titled as a club. Maybe Korean Night is not as popular as one would think in Japan (that, or the fact that the DJ running her playlist off of the itunes on MAC :< not very DJ-like).

Anyway, it's too cold to be caught in that situation anymore. So luckily, I stumbled upon this wonderful site..!
(Check out that awesome Beatles theme on my Firefox. Love ;) is a navi for clubs and live houses throughout Japan. Even now, I'm not exactly sure how I found it, but I'm so glad I did..!!

The main page usually puts you at events in your region. In my case, the Kansai area page, with the most popular events (based on star rating I think) scrolling through a display at the top. There's also a calendar so that you can display events by the day. Also, you might have noticed that a lot of the tabs are in English. Or maybe you even noticed the language function up top. If so, you get super sleuth points..! Unfortunately, the English capabilities only go so far as the tabs. Most of the information under events is still in Japanese. There is a translate button, but it just gives you one of those quick babelfish translations. The English tab is there, so maybe they're actually start translating information soon. Til then, you might have to deal with a little more of this "to 0... all admission free!
※ Man 2 drink separately!
※ Women 1 drink プレゼント from the free addition!"

Scrolling down a little further, you'll get information from their Twitter feed, your social networking links, and links for event tickets you can buy through the site. I think that's quite a handy feature since usually you have to buy tickets at your local 7andI or Family Mart. The e-ticket services works through mobile e-mails, but there is an option for other e-mail types as well.

If you start an account on the site, you can star events and artists you like, which will then be stored on your personal page. I just opened mine so it's pretty bare :<

Here's an example of an event page. The thing I really like about this site is that it can give you all the information you need about a venue or event. Prices, time sales (girls getting in before a certain time, drink buffets, etc.). The only problem is that sometimes the information in the top display doesn't match the information written in the details tab.
The map function is from Google Maps, so no worries there. As long as the information is accurate, you should be able to find the venue easily :)

The Artist tab under the Event page will give you full details on the DJs making an appearance, and usually links to their respective artist pages, which you can also star as well.

The main Artists page is really cool because they list the DJs with links to their sets/music videos on youtube. You wouldn't think you'd need to check out the DJ before, but if you're shelling out 3500+yen for an event, you might want to see if at least good music. ;D

An example of an individual artist page. There's a gallery, biography, event reports and schedule so you can gather all the info you need then decide if you want to check them out. 
The artist page doesn't only feature DJs either. The site caters to live houses as well, so you can find all kinds of musicians.

The bar list is a recent addition (as in I didn't notice it when I made my account last week. I'm pretty sure they just added it), but as of now it's listing only features bars in Tokyo. I do hope they update for the areas of Japan soon..!!♥

I really wanted to share this site with others because this was exactly the type of thing I wanted when I first moved to Osaka. I love going out at night, I love dancing and acting like a drunken fool around strangers, so this site just upped that part of my life by 100 points. It's much, much easier than collecting flyers from bars and restaurants (what I used to do), and it's tree friendly ;D.

So now, do you have plans for New Years in Japan??? I still don't ;o; But now there's no reason for me not too. If I make a post about how boring my New Years was, feel free to chide me for not trying hard enough :< 

And now I'll end this was a good party song (it's been stuck in my head since I went clubbing with my sisters back in Vegas). It's like the song you listen to when you're getting ready ;) Too bad I never look this fly D,:
Another good club one..!!



Daily Life: Reflection

I know the Christmas season is here. I can see it in the shop windows and displays, it's apparent in grocery stores and on bottles of cider.

But I don't feel it. And that's pretty sucky :[

It's only my second Christmas in Japan, but I'm ready to call it quits. I've already decided to spend next year's Christmas back home. At least a month. ;)

But it's not really all bad, Christmas in Japan. At least there's no shortage of light displays, despite the restrictions on electricity.

But that's not what this about. On to the photos :P

It being the season of weight-gain, I'm not trying to miss out. I bought two seasonal cream puffs! :D One was strawberry and custard maybe? The other was custard and cream I think. They were really good, but didn't really fill me with Christmas cheer or anything D:

Then on Thursday came my mandatory medical check D: Was definitely not feeling cheer after that. I missed part of the exam, so I'll have to go back again this Thursday, but I got most of it done last week. Thankfully.

BUT! As a semi-consolation prize, I went over to Blooming Beauty-Stage to get my straight perm touched up. This was my first time at a salon aside from Angel for my perm, so I was really nervous it would get eff'd up, but these ladies did not disappoint..!! I got a fabulous touch-up, AND a head and shoulder massage because I guess that's just what they do. I don't I'll ever be able to go to another salon again..
 Shota also got a cut, but my perm took so long that by the time we left, the day was done D: With no fun things accomplished and growling tummies, we just found the cheapest restaurant close to home for a quick dinner.

Super Washoku! Tasted like something we probably could have made at home buuut... I guess this is what happens when you're really lazy DD:

 Our next day-off (today), we made a trip out to IKEA..

That was a terrible, terrible idea. I was so frustrated and just cranky. There were too many free range children for any serious shopping to get done. And their parents weren't trying to be responsible and control them and just UGGHHHH.

We did get our sofa bed and futon though, so hopefully they'll be here on Thursday. Then I get to put it together. By myself (Shota is awful at putting things together). But I'm planning on doing a Merlin Season 1 marathon that day too, so it should be fine :)

But the food. OH THE FOOOOD. It was really good. I got the Swedish Christmas plate while Shota are just a salad and some korokke (a fried potato? kind of like a hash brown, but mushier).

That Swedish Christmas plate was soooo good. I want to have a Swedish Christmas now.. And the cheesecake!! It was just like home ;o; Not spongy like most of the cheesecake I've eaten lately..

The cinnamon roll left much to be desired though...

Despite all the madness inside the IKEA though, there was a gorgeous sky waiting for us outside. I love sunsets and clouds (I think I said that in my Kyoto post, but it bears repeating..!)

We were waiting for the shuttle bus to take us back to Namba station.

After our stressful shopping trip, we needed a release, so karaoke it was..! No time to go all the way to Shinsaibashi for Round1, so we stopped in at Karaoke Rainbow instead. I do love the lights and drink bar, but I don't like not having the option to pay by credit card.. Is that weird..?


Ah well. :x

Here's what I wore on Sunday :D Even though the temperature is steadily dropping, I'm still wearing my leather jacket. I'm sure I'll have to give it up soon, but I don't want tooo~
I'm trying to break in my Litas too..! I ♥ them so much that I've started ignoring my Pixie's..

That's all for today..! No plans until next Sunday. We should be meeting up with Yuta to go ice skating.. somewhere. We haven't decided yet. And then we'll probably go out for yakiniku.. again. :)

Take care in the cold weather guys!♥


The Japanese Constitution and How It Affects You (Foreigner)

Well, it doesn't, as a matter of fact.

As a general, and personal rule, I've wanted to keep complaints about the current society I live in at a minimum in terms of what I post here. I'm obviously living here by choice, so if  I don't like it, I should just go home right? Except, it's just not that simple.

Well today I read an article that has truly, truly bothered me, and I thought it was something that needed to be shared with others interested in Japan as a place they'd like to visit or live in.

The article that I read on The Japan Times is about human rights and how the rights of foreigners in Japan are not protected under the Japanese Constitution. You can read the entire article here, but I also wanted to share a couple lines, just in case you want a little incentive.

The first line that blew my mind a little: "When respondents (to a Cabinet survey) were asked, 'Should foreigners have the same human rights protections as Japanese?' 59.3 percent said yes. This is a rebound from the steady decline from 1995 (68.3 percent), 1999 (65.5 percent) and 2003 (54 percent)." (Zeit Gist, Oct. 23, 2007)
My first thought is "Why not??" I can't believe this is even an issue. But I guess that's because I was taught, while growing up, that all people were created equal. :/

Another good one: "We were taught that . . . foreigners have no human rights." (Hiroshi Ichikawa, Saga Prefecture public prosecutor, May 23, 2011 — see
And now I'm going to stop posting the things from the top of the article.

Here's a little from the bottom:
But unfairness is systematic — even expected, particularly if (and because) you're a foreigner in Japan. A few examples:

Want to live someplace or get a loan? Many landlords, realtors and credit agencies state up front that they will not rent or lend to foreigners; as long as there is no contract signed, there is generally nothing legally you can do about it.
I already knew about this bit, but it never occurred to me that this was because we, as foreigners, don't have the basic rights to a loan or place to live or to go into debt through a line of credit. :<

One reason these practices can be perpetuated is that the Japanese public tacitly (and not so tacitly) acquiesces to them, instead of reflexively helping foreigners fight against them. I believe the root cause is how little cultural value is generally assigned to "fairness."
 I'd like to attest that this isn't true, but I have to agree a little. When I told Shota about foreigners not having any rights, his first response was "Ah.. well there's really nothing to be done.." Soooo disappointed. I hounded him a little more about it, and he said he'd write a letter (to who!? Who knows, but he won't anyway).
I don't think he was able to sympathize or understand how bad a problem this is. :<<

I have to keep reminding listeners that foreigners are in fact humans with human rights. That sinks in, but people eventually reset to the default mind-set that "foreigners are not the same as Japanese," and that recognizing difference (kubetsu) does not necessarily equal willful discrimination (sabetsu).
Ohhh, but it does. Just like the author said.

I'm sure for most this won't really affect whether or not you want to go to Japan, but it is something to think about. 

The author has a continuing series called JUST BE CAUSE where he writes about some of the "bad habits in Japanese society that impede positive social change" (quote taken from the same article). I'll definitely be reading up on these.


Things to Do: Kyoto for Romantics

Not too far beneath my spiked and studded outer shell, is the squishy flesh of a die-hard romantic. And I don't mean like melodramatic romance like that Twilight series or Degrassi, but stuff with a complete romantic aesthetic. Like the movie Marie Antoinette. It's not really the love between her and Louis, but the movie's entire aesthetic, from the set to music choices.

I think Kyoto is one of those places with a great romantic quality. Which, I guess, is why it's one of Japan's most famous and popular places to visit.
And in case you were wondering, there is no romance in Osaka. Just hobos, pain and suffering. I kidd! It's not that dark (started sounding like Gotham for a moment). But there are a LOT of hobos.

Anyway, this wasn't my first go-round in Kyoto. I came here on one of my first trips to Japan back in 2002 (almost 10 years ago OH SH*T I feel old...), but I've forgotten the names of places we visited. I DO remember one had nightingale floors. How boss is that..??

This time around, I didn't want to follow a tour guide or ride a bus. I just wanted some autumn trees and coffee really, a perhaps some good photo ops. Thank goodness Kyoto is full of all three of those things.

I was actually surprised at how close Kiyomizu-dera and that whole area (I think it's called the Gion District) is to the train station. Every time I've gone, I had taken a bus, so I had imagined that the distance was unmanageable. But it was actually easy, since there are no hills except for the main shopping/tourist area. From the station to Higashi Oji Dori is a flat, straight-sort-of, shot. I even made a little Google map for it, in case you'd like to go. Clicky clicky.

While we were at Kyoto Station (which is accessible by Kintestu or JR), there was a college orchestra there doing their Christmas recital in front of a huge Christmas tree. Unfortunately, I wasn't the Christmas spirit from them, so I just took a photo and we kept moving :X

The first temple you past on your way is Higashi Honganji Temple (wiki here). You can't miss it. The entrance is huuuuge. There's also a lot of English written around the building (and most of Kyoto actually), so don't be intimidated by the kanji :)
If you're following my shoddy little map from Google, you'll see a turn at Gojo Dori. If you keep following Gojo Dori, you'll eventually get to this river called Kamogawa. Another lovely photo op. In fact, it was so lovely, I'll prove it to you.

BOOM! Photo op taken.

Do I look cold?? Because it was actually pretty temperate and sunny that day, aside from the small "狐の嫁いりkitsune no youme iri"sun shower ;)

This is the 日本最初之宝塔(日本最初之寶塔)Nihon Saisho no Houtou taken behind some trees near the lavatory. That was almost romantic sounding until I got to the lavatory part.

I think one of the best things about Kyoto is that I can constantly throw Japanese history or kanji questions at Shota.Unfortuantely, he was a brat in school, so he didn't study much :P But we usually have fun talking about it either way..!
This was our main target for the day, everything else was just circumstantial sightseeing :). Maruyama Park, which was suggested by my father-in-law over dinner, is north of Kiyomizu-dera by quite a ways. It took a while for us to find it since it's not on most of the maps tacked onto buildings. But once you get to ねねの道 Nene no Michi, it should start coming up.

Maruyama park wasn't too crowded that day, so we were able to sit down and quietly eat our cold, cold lunch. From what the internet has said though, it's a popular spot for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) and celebrating New Years. I think it's a nice place to visit in autumn as well, and probably not as crowded at those other two occasions.

This park also had my favorite collection of trees and colors. :)

One of the main entrances to the park is connected to Yasaka Shrine, which is the home of Gion Festival (thanks wikipedia ;D). While we were walking through, snapping away, there was a wedding ceremony going on inside. See the people inside??

Near Yasaka Shrine was this fortune board based on names. Of course, it didn't have everyone's name, but you could probably get a similar reading, just slightly different kanji. Only 100 yen, so we picked one up and tied it to a tree. Hopefully this brings us some good luck for the new year..!
After that, we wandered down some side streets and secret pathways to get back to Nene no michi and Kiyomizudera. This corridor actually reminds me of Fatal Frame, which is not something I want to be thinking about right now at 2am D:

Luckily the secret pathways have nice signs so you don't get lost :)

We made it back to Kiyomizu-dera around 5:10, just in time for a little moon and sunset action. Pictured about: moon action. Below: sunset action.
Then we started our little walk back to Kyoto Station. It was crowded with a lot of people, stopping in front of store and restaurant fronts to oogle items even though the sidewalk is less than 150m in length >:[ I got angry at one person :'[

We wanted to grab something to eat in nice tourist area around Kiyomizudera, but we really wanted to eat some Chinese food, and couldn't find anything. Shota kept saying "Who goes to Kyoto and eats Chinese food??!" 
Apparently, we do :)

But we didn't leave Kyoto completely empty handed.
Tea cookies and One Piece birthday phone charms..! :D No, the OP charms don't even have a Kyoto theme, just our birthdays on theme.
I don't think we're very good tourists..

I hope you enjoyed this post about Kyoto. Maybe saw something you hadn't before, or giggled a little. :) I'd like to go back to other parts of Kyoto Prefecture, like Arashiyama, but my father-in-law told us that couples that go to Arashiyama break up. I have a feeling he went their with mum-in-law, and they are divorced. So that probably freaked Shota out from ever wanting to go D: Now I have to drag some other unwilling participant...

Anyway, questions, comments or concerns are always welcome..! 
Here's the music:
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